Sandy Farina
(raspy rock & pop)
Sandy Farina photo Hey everyone! I'm the chick with the raspy voice and the big mouth! (All kidding aside...nah!) From my career as Strawberry Fields in Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, to writing the number one hit song Kiss Me In The Rain for Barbra Streisand, I have always treasured my session work. It gives me a chance to use my versatility and my creativity and to work with all you wonderful producers. Among everything I do, my session work is the most rewarding!
MP3 Fibercon Southern Rock
MP3 Sara Lee Raspy
MP3 Sears Pop
MP3 Jif Pop
MP3 Ivory Blues
MP3 Animal Planet Rock
MP3 Chevrolet Rock
MP3 Café Latté Pop
VISA Raspy