It's no wonder today that more and more commercial producers are tuning in to using kids' voices to sell to both kids and adults. Yet, unfortunately, finding the right kids with experience who don't "eat the studio clock" and who'll sing in tune have been rare finds indeed. No need to worry Fretless represents the best in children's vocal talent as well!
Fretless, in conjuction with exclusive contractor Annette Sanders (a 30-year industry veteran), manages a wide variety of experienced children's voices with solid reputations in commercials, TV, Broadway, film, and records. Always having been a leader in providing the best adult vocal talent, Fretless now makes it easy for producers to find incredible singing kids as well as incredible singing adults all under the same roof!
Below are several samples of work, in a wide variety of styles, which feature Fretless' Kids and teenagers. Check them out!
MP3 Stouffer’s
MP3 “You Are My Sunshine”
MP3 Hefty Zoopals
MP3 “Old MacDonald”
MP3 American Express
MP3 “Favorite Things”
MP3 L’Oreal
MP3 “Edelweiss”
MP3 Aprica
MP3 Children’s Dimetapp
MP3 Aussie
MP3 Pillsbury
MP3 L’Oreal Kids Aquarium
MP3 Hess Kids
MP3 “Picnic Time”
MP3 French’s
MP3 “Cock-eyed Optimist”
MP3 L’Oreal Kids
MP3 Leisure Planet
MP3 “Why Won’t”
MP3 Citigroup
MP3 “Dream On”
MP3 Verizon
MP3 “Make Believe”

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