Fretless is now offering a consultation service that will teach you how to create and market your reel to different jingle houses and production companies throughout the country. We will teach you important "tricks of the trade" to help you in any situation that may arise. We will also provide many techniques which apply to everyone, yet can be modified to suit your specific needs using your own drive and ingenuity.

You may choose to use our producers to help create your package, or you may take the information and run with it yourself. We will show you how to benefit from our years of experience while maintaining your independence.

At the end of our sessions, you will walk away with the knowledge of how to market yourself and create your product. These techniques are truly effective. A good work ethic and a few original marketing ideas, along with these tools and our expertise, will help you to find your mark.

Please call us at 212-243-7549 with your questions regarding this new and exciting parallel to Fretless/ Productions Management LLC.

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