Fretless Productions/Management is a personal management company specializing in the advertising and commercial music business, and is headed by industry veteran Andrèe Kaminsky.

We represent, among others, top male and female session singers, and some of the best singing kids in the business. By providing you with only the best vocal talent, we are determined to help you get the results you desire while saving you time and money!

We have an extensive client list which can accommodate most any of your requests or requirements. If need be, we have wide access to additional talent to provide the perfect singer for your project.

The Fretless Gang
Our exclusive clients include such industry legends as Sandy Farina, Joe Lynn Turner (of Rainbow and Deep Purple fame), and Larry Hoppen from the band Orleans, Phillip Namanworth, and Tom Bowes (from Tower of Power).

Our kids are in many of the top Broadway shows and soap operas, and are both on-and off-camera in national commercials and television series. They range in age from five to eighteen years old.

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