Andrée Kaminsky, principal of Fretless Productions/ Management LLC, has over a decade of experience in the commercial production industry. She formed Fretless Productions LLC in the early 90's to fill the gap which existed in the area of personal management for the elite group of vocalists who made it up through the competitive professional ranks to become well-paid and in-demand session singers.

Andrée saw a need for these artists to be able to retain multifaceted personal representation by a professional who was thoroughly familiar with the highly-specialized requirements of the commercial recording industry. Her experience, prior to opening the management company, made her the perfect candidate for the job.

Shortly after graduating from Hampshire College in 1985, she worked as a rep for David Starr's successful special effects/animation film production house, Broadcast Arts. Andrée also worked under Starr's Zack Smith Music wing as an account representative and later, as an associate producer.

Subsequently, she went on to become a representative for Liberty Films, and then went back to the music business, her first love. She became deeply involved with all aspects of music production, including booking talent and scheduling recording sessions. From working closely with session vocalists, she was aware of their dire need for time management, fee negotiation and collection, and general solid career advice. Thus, Fretless Productions was born.

Andrée's first client, renowned session singer Sandy Farina, spread the word in a relatively short period of time...that Andree was providing personal representation for her. Other singers then signed on as well, grateful to have someone working on their behalf who knew the ins and outs of the tightly-sequestered jingle business.
Today, Fretless Productions/Management LLC is a full-service personal management company with a widely-varied roster. Andrée's special expertise in the advertising/commercial music business offers talent a unique opportunity to be utilized in that specific area, as well as in other markets inside the music industry.

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