For over 20 years, Fretless Productions/Management, owned and operated by Andrée, has been the link joining singer to client and product. Our versatile roster of singers covers every style...from pop and country to gospel and R&B, as well as everything in between.

Every client needs their spot done yesterday. Why wait 'til tomorrow to call us? As a team forming a multi-service management company, Andrèe and her creative staff will help make your life easier. We're just a call, fax, or email away!

This website (and the Fretless Sampler, Vol. III CD) includes some things familiar and some new...cuts from albums, jingles, and Broadway shows. We've also made it convenient for you to listen to singers from previous Fretless sampler volumes here as well. In any case, give us a call, and based upon your needs, we'll advise you on who you should hear...after all, it's our business!

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